Why you should not get close to your escort?

Escorts are reliant on discretion to be able to run both their work lives and family lives in tandem. While many clients understand this and better still. have their own vested interest in remaining anonymous, there will be the exception to the rule. Some over-enthusiastic clients attempt to peep themselves into their escort’s lives. For some twisted reason, they believe that it will better their relations with the escort. if they know them better. Well to those clients, I say this, watch out. to play the devil’s advocate, some of these clients don’t realize that they are overstepping. Here are some of the instances where, you, as a client may be overstepping.

You may freak out the escort

Prying refers to asking too much questions and attempting to discover the other life your escort leads outside of work. This is gross overstepping and the escort may have to to take grave measures. Pooja, an states that asking too many personal questions is usually a red flag. Escorts are very sensitive to red flags and may end the session long before it starts. Usually, the client may be well-meaning, but it is better not to take the risk.

Escorts or Her Agency May Block You

An escort’s job is to provide companionship and pleasure. Don’t over complicate things by trying to know her real name or her day job. This may lead you to blocked form not that one escort, but the whole escort agency. According to Heena, the owner of a Russian female escort agency, word spreads like wild fire in the escort industry. And since she has to look out for her girls, she will block anyone and everyone who acts weird around her girls.

You may feel inclined to change her life

Call it human nature but getting to know too much about an escort starts tugging. on your heartstrings to walk into her life like superman and save her from her fate. Wrong! Heterosexual, men are forever inclined to swoop in and save the damsel in distress. What you don’t understand is that escorts do so by choice. Pretending to be her knight in shining armor will get you blocked and blacklisted in the escort community.


Escorts love their jobs and they also like to keep them discreet. As a client, play your role. Pay for a premium service, have the time of your life and go home to your wife or mum’s basement. Anything south of that is none of your business.