Why Some Independent Escorts Refuse To Deal with Married Men?

The first that comes to the mind of a married man that an escort is “a husband snatcher”. This is one thing that really pains escorts. In order for them to survive in the neighborhood they live in, they keep their career as a top secret. When others are discussing the challenges they go through in their workplaces; they either keep quiet, switch the topic or worse still, they lie about it.

However it is wrong to judge all escorts as husband snatchers. I probably was also in the same category until I met this special bunch of independent Chennai escorts. They strictly don’t deal with a married man. It doesn’t matter what kind of services the clients need, it is a no if he is married. This might sound strange but in our interview, they cited these two points as the main reasons for making this strange decision:

Why Some Escorts Refuse To Deal with Married Men?

Background of a morally upright family

According to many of them, they are from a society where married men have a lot much respect. As a woman, you shouldn’t get close to a married man unless he was either your husband or a close relative. It was actually a taboo to be seen walking together with a married man without a third party.

Although this taboo looks backward and outdated, it helped save families in those societies. When these girls got into the Indian escort industry, they carried this virtue with them. And this made up their mind that they will never serve a married man no matter what happens. Many of them are actually so strict with their decision that they indicate it in their profile. They have however revealed that there are many married men who have begged them to go on a date with them to a point of offering them extra pay for the services offered.

Why Some Escorts Refuse To Deal with Married Men?

They don’t want to be a home breaker

Although many Punjabi escorts defend their services to married men with the fact that it is the man who came looking for her. These girls have decided to keep their conscience clean. They revealed that they are planning to start a family one day and they won’t stand seeing anyone come between them and their spouses and the only way of achieving this is by giving respect to other people’s marriages.