The Main Source of Strength for Escorts

As the saying goes; “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. The person we are today is highly determined by the people we keep around us. If we surround ourselves with

Requirements while Setting up An Escort Agency

The world of business is one that is full of people from all over the world. Whether is in large scale or small scale, people are always dreaming of having a business of their own.

Delivering Escorts Beyond Your Expectations

Nothing is more tragic in life than living a life without a purpose. This is because everything that comes your way is acceptable and good enough for you to take and run. However, a man

Why Some Independent Escorts Refuse To Deal with Married Men?

The first that comes to the mind of a married man that an escort is “a husband snatcher”. This is one thing that really pains escorts. In order for them to survive in the neighborhood they live in, they keep their career as a top secret. When others are discussing the challenges they go through in their workplaces; they either keep quiet, switch the topic or worse still, they lie about it.

However it is wrong to judge all escorts as husband snatchers. I probably was also in the same category until I met this special bunch of independent Chennai escorts. They strictly don’t deal with a married man. It doesn’t matter what kind of services the clients need, it is a no if he is married. This might sound strange but in our interview, they cited these two points as the main reasons for making this strange decision:

Background of a morally upright family

According to many of them, they are from a society where married men have a lot much respect. As a woman, you shouldn’t get close to a married man unless he was either your husband or a close relative. It was actually a taboo to be seen walking together with a married man without a third party.

Although this taboo looks backward and outdated, it helped save families in those societies. When these girls got into the Indian escort industry, they carried this virtue with them. And this made up their mind that they will never serve a married man no matter what happens. Many of them are actually so strict with their decision that they indicate it in their profile. They have however revealed that there are many married men who have begged them to go on a date with them to a point of offering them extra pay for the services offered.

They don’t want to be a home breaker

Although many Punjabi escorts defend their services to married men with the fact that it is the man who came looking for her. These girls have decided to keep their conscience clean. They revealed that they are planning to start a family one day and they won’t stand seeing anyone come between them and their spouses and the only way of achieving this is by giving respect to other people’s marriages.Categories: Blog

You can contact us online through our website wherein you can enter your message, which will be sent to our agent who will explain you the further process through which you can find out the images of the girls in your mobile and you can hire these girls immediately. Moreover, you can discuss the price factor with them and negotiate if you want. However, we do not negotiate about the prices rather we believe that we should provide the best VIP escorts services at the most affordable rates without any demands of the clients. We will be there for you always.

Best Sex Positions For Making A Woman Orgasm Fast

The climax and the success of any lovemaking session are satisfied partners. Although some men are so selfish that they don’t take time to think of the satisfaction of their partner. You can never claim to be good in bed unless you do things the right way. At the end of the day, it is the woman’s word against yours. Although it might not be easy for a woman to confess to her partner that she was not satisfied. This feeling is very frustrating and discouraging. You better keep things simple and easy. Give the best to your partner than spending so much time but ending up getting tired for nothing.

Some people think the time taken for sex and lovemaking is a determining factor to the satisfaction of both. However, time really doesn’t matter as the style used does. If you want to make your woman go crazy and just sing out your name wherever she goes; take time to understand what works for her. One position might work for one and not for the other. But, below are two main positions that can be said to be universal. Whether you are dealing with a call girl, an independent Chennai escort, a high class babe and so forth; the positions below will leave you feeling like a king.

1.The Eagle

The eagle position is a perfect position since the person receiving the pleasure is relaxed and therefore has enough time to concentrate on the sensation and the stimulation. To add on this the person receiving the pleasure is at the same free to move from one position to the other. This is not only working out for them but it also allows them to change the pelvis, lift their legs up and many other movements to change things up. Having different positions in a single session makes sex more fun and will easily allow the girl to experience orgasm easier than using one position all through. The eagle position also allows her to be in control of things.

2.Pushin’ the Cushion

Although this position is not common and many couple has no idea of how it works. The high profile Russian escorts who know how to get things done in an instance has embraced this as one of their favorite positions. It does not only benefit the guy by taking care of the sex needs but it at the same time makes things more fun and easy for the man.

How to Change Genres in the Escort Business?

There are many different spheres in the escort business. Some escorts offer pure companionship with no intimacy, others offer intimacy with no outdoor activities; long story short, there are different types of escorts in the market. Just like any other career, an escort may decide to change from one line of escort business to another. This may include adding or deducting from the range of services they offer. If you are not there yet, you may find yourself there in the future. So how do you go about it?

Do you research?

Each new line of business comes with its own set of unknowns and challenges. According to Maggie, a female Chennai escort, doing proper research before embarking on a new venture will save you a lot of surprises.

Start slow

Even though you have been an escort for a bit, start slow. You want to gently blend the new undertakings with the old. Also, you need to gradually get used to the new activities before entirely committing to them. Chloe, an Anna Nagar escort says there will always be surprises when you start something new. Allow yourself a comfortable pace to absorb anything that may come as a surprise.

Inform your clients

Find a nice professional way to inform your current clients of the changes. The object of this is to hopefully retain all your clients even with the new changes. If there are clients who will not be accommodated by the new changes, you can open a dialogue on how to navigate that. Kristine, a Russian escort working in city of Chennai reiterates the importance of good communication. Clients can easily be spooked by change that is why you must handle communication with finesse.

Adjust your marketing and website to reflect the new changes

This is an especially important step more so for escorts who have taken services off their list. The last thing you need is to have to explain to new clients coming off your website that you don’t do that anymore. Make sure both your marketing strategy and your website reflect the changes you have made. This way, all the new clients come in knowing the new range of services on offer. Like any other savvy business people, escorts run their businesses with the same dignity and candor found in the corporate world. If you run your escort business as the business it is, you will surely prosper.

Emotional Ties Related To Sex & Escort Industry

When it comes to emotional ties related to sex, it might not be an issue to men. When it comes to sex, men just have sex to satisfy their sexual desires and needs. On the other hand, a woman has sex with a man mostly because of the feelings they have for the man. This is the reason why a man will have a one night stand with a stranger and forget about it. On the other hand, when it comes to women, they have a tendency of developing emotional ties with a man they have sex with even for one day. This is the reason why some escorts and escort agencies do not entertain regular clients with the same girl. This is because, they are afraid of being connected emotionally with every their clients.

Dangers of men developing emotional ties with their clients

Being a regular client to a particular female Chennai escort might lead to emotional ties. This might affect both the escort and the client alike. Just as any man, men are usually jealous and are no comfortable sharing their women with other men. For that reason, this man might try to limit the escort from meeting other men. On the other hand, the woman might feel uncomfortable and guilty sleeping with other men which will drastically affect their job. The second developing emotional ties with an escort are the danger of endangering their relationship with their spouses. One of the reasons why men seek the services of an escort is only to have a different experience with another woman with no ties involved. It is simply a one stand experience and you are out of it without leaving any traces behind.

How to avoid developing emotional ties with strangers

This might not be a easy but the first thing to do to avoid developing emotional ties with an independent female model escort or any other woman you have sex with other than your wife is understanding yourself. Know your weak points and your strengths. If you are that person who is very emotional, it would be wise to avoid having a date with another woman. The second thing is to avoid spending much time with your escort. Don’t engage yourself in long conversations because this is likely to form a bond between the two. The third thing to do is to avoid having a repeat date with the same woman. This will keep you and the woman safe from emotional ties.

Why Female Escorts of High Profile Agency are unique?

After spending sometime in Chennai I realized the much love that was flowing in Chennai came from their female escorts. These girls are natural and genuine lovers. They thrive well in every environment they find themselves in. It doesn’t matter how rough or uncooperative you feel you are, it will never go beyond these girls have. They smile as bright as the sun and every room they enter brightens with love and passion. I’ve heard it from many and though it was an exaggeration until the day I had a personal experience with one of them. There are different female escorts. There are those who work as independent escorts and those that operate under different escort agencies. Whether you choose an independent girls escort or escorts working under agencies you will get perfect and unforgettable results.

Little about High Profile Agency

An agency is a place where clients hire escorts for satisfaction. Due to the high demand of female escorts in Chennai, many escort agencies are serving in Chennai. They operate at different rates and all offer different services to their clients. It’s not easy to identify the best agency just by the look of things. It is therefore important to do some research and understand how to identify the best agency and how agencies operate. Below are a few points to look out for when looking for the best agency to hire in any area.

Charges of Hiring Services

Have you ever heard of the saying “cheap is expensive”? This is not just a saying but it is a reality. Anytime you find something that is way cheaper than the normal charges, always think twice before purchasing it. There are many fake agencies that are serving in Chennai to compete with the genuine agencies. This has led to many genuine agencies receiving opposition from their clients. This is because; their clients are robbed by the fake agencies and end up categorizing all these agencies under one cover of fraudsters. However, a step into High Profile Agency will give you a comfortable feeling of their genuineness.

Response & Dedication to Client Satisfaction

It is always good to be keen every time you call an agency to request for any service. Ask as many questions as you can and be very attentive to their responses. It is very easy to identify a genuine agency from a fake one just by their response. The more you interrogate them the more you’ll learn about their stand. A fake agency will either disconnect you or be very harsh on you out of fear. Our Meenambakkam Escorts Agency is always ready to answer as many questions as possible. We value our clients and are always have enough time for them.

Things to Consider Before Hiring an Independent Escort

Last winter, I decided to take a luxurious tour to Chennai. I had always heard of how beautiful and well developed this city was. People always talked of the kind hearts and welcoming nature of Chennai residents and I was anxious to go and have a personal experience. I arrived there on a Monday morning, took a taxi at the airport and was driven direct to my hotel room. I was so tired from the journey and decided to take some time to rest. The following day I woke up early and embarked on my discovery journey of Chennai. The first was just okay with a lot of fun but by the second day my ideas of what to do next were exhausted.

I was confused and wondered what to do next. The thought of hiring a female escort came into my mind. I decided to call one of the escort agencies and requested for one of their Chennai escort girls. The agent attendant asked me so many questions and I didn’t know what to tell. However she was able to help me but I drew some lessons from this article.

Be sure of the services you want from your companion

If you have never had a chance of hiring an escort, then you might not understand what this exactly means. There are different categories of escorts depending on the services they offer and the client’s preference. If you have on slight idea it is always important to do some personal research before calling the agency requesting for one. This will not only give the agency an easy time but it will be a perfect way of ensuring you get exactly what you were looking for.

How much are you planning to spend on her?

Budgeting for anything you do is always very vital. This helps you also decide the kind of escort services to request for. This is because, different services are charged differently, certain category is more expensive than the other and so forth. Budgeting before hand is therefore very important.

How much time are you planning to spend with her?

Escorts are usually hired from hours to days and so forth. The least recommended time in most of the cases is 3 hours and there is no maximum time. If planning to hire a long term companion, it would important to indicate so and ask for a discount that might not be available if you hire her per hour.

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Why you should not get close to your escort?

Escorts are heavily reliant on discretion to be able to run both their work lives and family lives in tandem. While many clients understand this and better still, have their own vested interest in remaining anonymous, there will be the exception to the rule. Some over-enthusiastic clients attempt to peep themselves into their escort’s lives. For some twisted reason, they believe that it will better their relations with the escort if they know them better. Well to those clients, I say this, watch out. Just to play the devil’s advocate, some of these clients don’t realize that they are overstepping. Here are some of the instances where, you, as a client may be overstepping.

You may freak out the escort

Prying refers to asking too much questions and attempting to discover the other life your escort leads outside of work. This is gross overstepping and the escort may ultimately have to to take grave measures. Pooja, an independent escort in Chennai states that asking too many personal questions is usually a red flag. Escorts are very sensitive to red flags and may end the session long before it starts. Usually, the client may be well-meaning, but it is better not to take the risk.

Escorts or Her Agency May Block You

An escort’s job is to provide companionship and pleasure. Don’t over complicate things by trying to know her real name or her day job. This may ultimately lead you to being blocked form not just that one escort, but the whole escorting agency.  According to Heena, the owner of a Russian female escort agency, word spreads like wild fire in the escort industry. And since she has to look out for her girls, she will block anyone and everyone who acts weird around her girls.

You may feel inclined to change her life

Call it human nature but getting to know too much about an escort starts tugging on your heartstrings to walk into her life like superman and save her from her fate. Wrong! Heterosexual, men are forever inclined to swoop in and save the damsel in distress. What you don’t understand is that escorts do so by choice. Pretending to be her knight in shining armor will just get you blocked and blacklisted in the escort community.


Escorts love their jobs and they also like to keep them discreet. As a client, play your role. Pay for a premium service, have the time of your life and go home to your wife or mum’s basement. Anything south of that is basically none of your business.